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piano alesis recital pro

piano alesis recital pro

Again, these aren’t realistic, but they are usable. I find myself missing the piano sounds of Yamaha’s budget keyboards, and even some from Casio’s newer budget line-up. On the other hand, if you’re a more advanced player looking for an affordable, expressive keyboard. The Alesis Recital 88-key beginner digital piano has semi-weighted keys, and it also lets players have more authentic and realistic playing experience with touch sensitivity. The synth sound is really pleasing, and has a Virus-style smoothness and warmth. I complained that the Recital suffered from creaking due to the lower-grade plastic, the Recital Pro avoids that pitfall. While I didn’t tweak these a lot, it’s nice to have some extra options. Do you find YouTube videos embedded into posts helpful? If you intend on using external amplifiers, this is the ideal setup. The big difference is in the layout of the dashboard. The Recital Pro doesn’t really have a lot of features, but all the necessary features are available. The buttons are clicky, and the knobs are loose with little resistance. However, I have a grip about how they sound. Then, there’s also the short sample length to consider. These choruses range from subtle to extreme flanging, so customization exists for tweakers. INCLUDES 3-MONTHS OF SKOOVE PREMIUMSkoove is the easiest way to learn piano--- featuring in-depth online piano courses that adapt to you and give you feedback. Need a little help? Privacy Policy | Terms of Use, 88 premium full-sized hammer-action keys with adjustable touch response, 12 built-in premium voices with the ability to split or layer 2 voices simultaneously, 20-watt speakers and 128-note max polyphony for realistic sound and playability, Lesson mode divides the keyboard into two zones with the same pitch and voice, Record mode enables you to record and then listen back to your performance, Built-in metronome can be easily adjusted from 30-280 beats per minute, Easily adjustable Modulation, Chorus, and Reverb FX; Pedal Resonance feature, Stereo ¼” (6.35mm) outputs for connecting to a mixer, amp, or other sound system, ¼” (6.35mm) headphone output mutes the internal speakers for private practice, USB-MIDI output for use with educational software or virtual instrument plugins, Sustain input to connect standard ¼” (6.35mm) sustain pedal (not included), Includes a power adapter or power with 6 D-cell Batteries (not included). This is a massive selling point, as not many keyboards at this price range feature fully weighted keys. Alesis might not be a household name, but they’ve made a name for themselves by focusing on value over build quality. The new display is similar to the single-color backlit displays you’d find on budget arranger keyboards, so it’s basic. You can even add adjustable Modulation, Reverb and Chorus to further tailor your sound. You’ll rarely need all 192 or 256 voices of polyphony at once, but there are cases when you can reach 64 or even 128 note limits, especially if you like to layer several sounds and create multi-track recordings. Also, if you want to work with headphones instead, there is a headphone jack that uses a 1/4″ TRS jack. It does feel heavier than the Recital, but the same problems still persist, and I’d hesitate to call these keys particularly good. When you reach the polyphony cap, the piano starts to drop the earliest played notes to free up memory for new notes, which in turn affects the quality and fullness of the sound. Alesis Recital Pro – a great digital piano for beginners. There’s a pleasant bounce to the keys that happen once you let go of each keypress, though I’d hesitate to call the feeling ‘hammer action’, as they’re marketed as. It has weighted keys, easy to carry (the weight is 26 lbs), it can run on batteries, has split/layer/lesson modes and more. The Alesis Recital’s speakers are arguably its strongest asset. Similarly, intermediate performers might prefer keyboards that offer more ‘stage-ready’ sounds than the Recital Pro. The Yamaha P45 is better in quality to the Alesis Recital and is a better choice if you want to learn piano and have a little more money. A Lesson mode is also included and allows teachers to sit alongside their students by splitting the keyboard into two halves of equal octave ranges. The Alesis Recital Pro includes TWO MONTHS of FREE live video lessons from TakeLessons, America’s largest lessons company. The Alesis Recital 88-key piano is an excellent instrument for beginners. Finally, let’s talk about the buttons. Take as many classes as you want - there are hundreds of classes each month to pick from. In addition to a ¼” (6.35mm) sustain pedal input (pedal not included), Recital Pro also features stereo ¼” (6.35mm) outputs to connect to a recorder, mixer, amplifier or other sound system. If weighted keys are an absolute must, I wouldn’t mind paying more for something better either. • Electric Piano The piano splits the keyboard into two identical sounding halves. We previously covered the Alesis Recital, and it was a keyboard that we had mixed thoughts about. Finally, the Recital Pro includes pedal resonance, which simulates how notes continue to reverberate when the sustain pedal is pressed down. However, it does work well enough. The Alesis Recital and Alesis Recital Pro are some of the best options for piano keyboards available on the market today. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Below you can check the availability and current price of the Alesis Recital Pro in your region: As you can see from the table above, the Alesis Recital Pro is much bulkier than its non-Pro counterpart, mainly due to the fully weighted keys. Skoove’s experienced team of musicians is on hand with one-on-one support to answer your questions. Both feature 88 full-sized keys – the Alesis Recital has semi-weighted keys and the Pro has weighted keys, making both models a good choice for pianists at any level – from beginner to pro. If you’ve read our review for the Alesis Recital, you’ll know that you shouldn’t just trust the label. Recital Pro can be powered using the included power supply or with 6 D cell batteries (not included). Being in love with music his whole life, Lucas started this blog as the “go-to” place for the most accurate and detailed information about the world of music, and especially pianos! Overall, the sounds are usable, and fit with the idea of using the Recital Pro as a practice keyboard. Another notable feature on the Recital Pro are its speakers, and I am still impressed at how they can get so loud without distorting. If it came down to it, I would personally go with the Recital. As for the built-in voices, Recital Pro is packed with 12 voices consisting of 6 instruments but with 2 variations each; electric piano, piano, organ, synth, harpsichord, and acoustic bass. The buttons and knobs themselves aren’t exactly what I’d call ‘quality’, but they work. Effects: Reverb, Chorus, Modulation, EQ, Pedal Resonance. Hi Lucas, one of the reviews I checked out before I bought the piano. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen with the keys, so it’s a minor gripe. The piano sounds are probably what you’ll be most frequently using. One of my complaints about the Recital was the lack of any visual aids, which made navigation a bit difficult. The Recital Pro has a Layer and Split mode, which are essential tools for practicing keyboard-specific parts. The bass sounds are nice to have, as you can use them alongside the Split mode of the Recital Pro to practice left and right hand splits. Most of the contemporary digital pianos are equipped with 64, 128, 192 or 256-note polyphony. El piano digital Alesis Recital Pro, es un equipo totalmente portátil. In fact, most other budget keyboards have a polyphony count of 64 notes, so kudos where kudos is due. The Alesis Recital Pro is a full-featured digital piano with 88 full-sized hammer-action keys with adjustable touch response. This doesn’t earn them points with the pro-consumer crowd, but budget-conscious people often have it in their minds as a cost-saving measure. It has multiple pre-installed piano sounds. Affordable price aside, let’s find out if there’s anything special about the Recital Pro. PREMIUM FEEL AND SOUND As you’ll see from the comparison table below, the Alesis Recital seems to be a lot bulkier than other budget keyboards below $300. Recital also features a USB-MIDI output for connecting to a computer and using educational software or virtual instrument plugins. In this review, we seek to answer the question: is the Recital Pro worth the extra cost? Achetez Alesis Recital PRO - Piano Numérique avec Un Clavier de 88 Touches à Mécanique de Marteau, 12 Voix Premium, Enceintes Intégrées, Sortie de Casque et Fonctionnalités Pédagogiques: Livraison & retours gratuits possibles (voir conditions) Alesis is a registered trademark of inMusicBrands, LLC. From the internal firmware, you can even assign the MIDI output to different channels. Alesis電子ドラムカタログ2019. First of all, many of today’s digital pianos use stereo samples, which sometimes require two or even more notes for each key played. Notably, there is no option to change master tuning from the default 440Hz. Sorry to hear you didn’t like the sounds. The layout is relatively similar to the original, with knobs and buttons flanking the display in the middle, so everything seems to be just as you’d expect from a budget keyboard. The small footprint of the Pro also means that this digital piano is easy to store away when not in use. Of course, you probably won’t need to go that high, but it’s nice to know that you have some headroom to work with if you intend on playing in live venues. Recital Proは、フルサイズ88鍵・ピアノタッチ電子ピアノです。スピーカーとエフェクトを内蔵しており、箱から出してすぐに演奏可能です。 It’s essentially the same with a few added buttons and a display. Having worked in a music store for over 7 years, Lucas has found passion in helping others choose the most suitable instrument for them. Alesis Recital Pro ist ein funktionsbeladenes Digital-Piano mit 88 Hammer-Action Tasten, welche in der Empfindlichkeit eingestellt werden können. • Clavi Back to the Recital Pro, the fully-weighted keys really aren’t anything to write home about. Learn piano the easy way with the Alesis Recital Pro. Con sus 12 voces prémium realistas integradas, que incluyen piano acústico, piano eléctrico, vibráfono, órgano, cuerdas, bajo acústico, etc., ¡Recital Pro te ofrece todo lo que necesitas para tu próxima interpretación! At Alesis, while our products range from keyboards, synthesizers, hard disk recorders, iPod recording and playback devices, electronic drums, mixers, signal processors, effects units, amplifiers and speakers one thing remains consistent; our passion for inspiring musical … No wonder why Alesis has become such a popular brand to consider. The Recital Pro features a ¼” (6.35mm) headphone output which mutes the internal speakers for convenient, quiet private practice. The teacher can easily demonstrate parts this way, and one-on-one sessions will likely be more effective this way. The Alesis Recital Pro has 88 fully weighted keys, which at first glance, seems like a step up over the keys on the original Alesis Recital, which were semi-weighted. The added sounds like strings, bass and clavs are welcome for variation, but they do feel a little like they’re tacked on. Alesis doesn’t have any corresponding stands for this particular model, so I recommend getting an affordable, universal X- or Z-stand, such as the previously recommended RockJam Xfinity Double-X stand. This allows you to practice without disturbing anyone around you. Here’s a quick rundown on the specifications of the AlesisRecital 88 vs 61. If you’re willing to pay some extra on the base price tag, you can get the Alesis Recital Pro, which is a more advanced version of the Recital. While the Recital lies in the forgiving sub-$300 price point, the Recital Pro costs more and should be judged against other more competent keyboards in the same price bracket. Su ligero peso y su compacto tamaño, permiten que incluso un niño pueda llevar este piano digital a cualquier lugar, ya sea a clases de música o algún concierto. Regards Pit. • Organ Recital Pro. If you’re a beginner and want something cheap to build up your muscle memory and musical knowledge, this can work. However, I’m not going to give it a straight pass with regard to build quality. I definitely recommend using the DC power supply instead, though it’s nice to have a battery-powered option. The body of the Recital Pro is primarily matte plastic, and has a small part that uses the same faux-metal style that I personally dislike. The Alesis Recital Pro has a few extra features when compared to the original Recital, but it’s still quite light overall. The Alesis Recital Pro has 128 notes of maximum polyphony, and that’s quite impressive. Check out this guide to learn how to choose the best-sounding headphones for your keyboard. All negativity aside, the keys aren’t all bad. Its 12 onboard voices can be split or layered to add spice to your performance, and they sound great through integrated 20-watt speakers. This is unfortunate, especially since this connection comes as a standard on most modern keyboards. This digital piano features a premium hammer-action keyboard with adjustable touch response, so it feels almost like an acoustic instrument. This isn’t much, but I guess it’ll allow you to adapt your sounds to different sound systems. They’re weighted, but they don’t feel as good as other fully-weighted keys, such as those from budget offerings from Yamaha or Casio. Furthermore, using the sustain pedal, sound effects (Reverb, Chorus), dual-mode (layering), and even the metronome ticking sound takes up additional notes of polyphony. At the deeper end of each keypress, there’s a feeling of cushioning, which makes it somewhat difficult to accurately judge the actuation points. I’d even go as far as to say that this is the best preset on the keyboard (which is a problem, since the piano should be the biggest star). Alesis Recital Pro vs Thomann SP-5600. These speakers hit well above their weight class, though it should be noted that the included sounds aren’t all winners. • Harpsichord Another notable feature is the compartment for batteries on the bottom of the instrument. Another example of polyphony consumption is when you’re playing along with a song playback (can also be your own recorded performance) or auto-accompaniment. These shine best when you layer them with the acoustic or electric piano sounds using the included Layer mode. However, hold your horses before clicking that checkout button. Shares useful info and actionable insights in the form of reviews, guides, tips and tricks that will help make your musical journey a success story. Alesis a récemment sorti un nouveau piano numérique très abordable, l’Alesis Recital Pro, qui possède des caractéristiques que les pianistes professionnels apprécieront. • Fingered Bass. All other products or company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respected owners. This feature divides the 88 keys into two zones with the same pitch and voice. Clean speakers are always a plus in my books, and while I do have my gripes about the included soundbanks, the speakers are definitely a quality inclusion. The reason for this is price. If you apply some force to the front panel, the unwanted sounds rear their ugly head. You’ll learn faster than ever with live classes with real, expert teachers! Thankfully, simplicity is the name of the game here, so the layout works just fine. Just like with the original Recital, the synth sound is a standout, and I’m just as equally impressed here. You can easily customize the voices by combining any two at once in Layer Mode for a full, rich tone by using the intuitive onboard controls and display screen. A notable bonus here is the music rest, which is sturdy, and well-built. Unfortunately, the build and sound quality of the Alesis Recital wasn’t necessarily up to snuff. This enables both the student and teacher to easily watch each other and play together without having to take turns or reach over one another.

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